Self Esteem & Self Image

A concept often used by many people without being able to accurately describe what it means and how it is used. What is not clearly understood, is that Self Esteem is an individual’s internal belief about oneself, about own ability, capability, and strength. Repeatedly undermining your abilities, and achievements and having negative self-talks are symptoms of low self-esteem. On the other hand, Self Image is about how an individual believes their image and appearance is being perceived by others. One’s self image would be unhealthy if one is very conscientious of how they look and whether they look good enough?

Psychotherapy is an effective treatment for self-esteem/self-image and can help people in all ages to regain their internal belief about themselves and rebuild their self-esteem and self-image. At Dynamic Family Care, we will work together to restore your abilities, trust and belief in yourself, and your self-worth to build your self-esteem, and secure your self-image.

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